The Law Offices of Rich Maloumian

Philadelphia, PA Law Firm Provides Strategic, Aggressive Criminal Defense


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- The Law Offices of Rich Maloumian have earned themselves a reputation for providing some of the most effective and reliable legal representation for criminal offenses throughout Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. For each case, Maloumian provides some of the most strategic and aggressive criminal defense available in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Rich Maloumian has well over 20 years of legal experience, with extensive case experience working as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His motto is "Great Service, Excellent Results and Trust." Rich Maloumian provides strategic criminal defense, personalized to suit each and every case he retains throughout Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Through his success in prosecutorial and criminal defense, Maloumian has become a renowned source for legal representation for criminal matters.

Apart from strategic criminal defense services, The Law Offices of Rich Maloumian offer much more. For individuals wishing to clear their arrest record after having their case thrown away, he offers quick and reliable record expungements. For other matters, he offers bail motion assistance, as well as consultation and defense for probation and parole violators. Maloumian provides services related to summary, detainer and preliminary hearings alike.

The Law Offices of Rich Maloumian provide aggressive and strategic legal representation for criminal defense in a broad array of practice areas, for both minor and adult offenders. Some of their available practice areas include:

- DUI/DWI Defense
- Domestic Violence
- Fraud and White Collar Crime
- Burglary/Robbery
- Drug Crimes of All Kinds

In the state of Pennsylvania, for first time minor drug offense and DUI/DWI offenders, they offer a diversionary program known as Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). Through Pre-trial ARD, offenders have a chance to complete a probation cycle and have their records entirely expunged. Rich Maloumian knows how to provide strategic legal representation to ensure that first time offenders get the ARD that they have a right to.

Every year, The Law Offices of Rich Maloumian provide legal defense that helps individuals get back on their feet and return to their lives. Individuals that contact his firm for legal representation will always receive a complimentary consultation. To schedule an evaluation or to express any concerns, reach them by phone at 215.402.7279 throughout Pennsylvania.