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Sports Eyewear Announces Release of Prescription Sports Sunglasses


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- As summer approaches and active people begin spending more time in the sun, beware of the damage that UV light can cause to human eyes. Sunglasses should be worn at all times when in the sun. Sports sunglasses make an excellent and versatile option for active individuals while prescription sunglasses are available for people who normally wear glasses.

Sunlight is a major cause of eye damage in humans because unblocked UV rays can cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Cataracts lead to blurry vision because the lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. Macular degeneration affects the ability to see centrally and do common things like read and drive a car. Over time, extended UV exposure can lead to loss of eyesight and cancer. Sports sunglasses can help to prevent the development of sight related medical problem, especially in outdoor athletes. Additionally, sports sunglasses make vision less of a strain in the sun by reducing the need to squint. Prescription sunglasses can be customized and should be worn in lieu of normal glasses in situations that could result in a high amount of exposure to the sun.

The nature and fun of sport can lead to extended periods of time in the sun, without realizing it. This is why sports sunglasses should be worn anytime a participant plays a sport outdoors in order to protect eyes from the sun's rays. Not only do sports sunglasses protect eyes from sun damage, they can also improve vision during competition for an advantage in the sun. Participants in sports in which hand-eye coordination is important, such as tennis and baseball, find sports sunglasses highly valuable. Extra precautions should be taken when participating in aquatic and high altitude sports such as sailing and skiing. This is because the amount of UV exposure received during these sports is extra high. Rays of sunlight reflect off of water and snow and back into unprotected eyes. Also, because of the thinner atmosphere, sunlight is more intense at high altitudes and as a result, more radiation is received per minute.

Athletes who normally wear prescription glasses should also wear sunglasses while playing sports in the sun. Prescription sunglasses make an excellent option for people in need of corrective vision and sun protection. They are more convenient than wearing both prescription glasses and sunglasses at the same time and more protective of eyes than normal glasses. These sunglasses are also far more protective than contacts, which provide zero UV protection. Sports sunglasses with corrective vision also offer all the additional benefits that normal sports sunglasses do and are a necessary precaution and athletic advantage.

In closing, sunlight can damage unprotected eyes and sunglasses should be appropriately considered before participating in outdoor activities. Sports sunglasses and prescription glasses provide competitive benefits while simultaneously preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Summer is a fun time for active individuals and there are many benefits to an active, outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy the sunshine safely by wearing sports sunglasses or prescription sunglasses at all times.

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