PR Agency Announced Buy-Two-Get-One-Free Offer to Pleasantly Surprise Its Patrons


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 --, a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic cleaning tools, recently announced an exciting offer for all its new and old customers. The company recently announced that anybody who buys two one-click cleaners will get one for free. The buy-two-get-one-free offer has surely created much excitement in the old and new customers of the company who want to include spare tools in their tool kits before getting to work. Not only that, but has slashed down the price of almost every product that it sells. The owners have confirmed that this is a thoughtful marketing decision that they have taken to increase sales this financial year. offers a diverse array of cleaning tools that include one-click cleaners, cassette type cleaners, fiber optic cleaning wipers, cleaning swabs, optic microscopes and fiber optic cleaning and diagnostic kits. All these products are not diaplyed on the manufacturer website and come with heavy discounts on their price tags. The manufacturers have suggested that the huge discounts that they have offered on these products will generate more interest in the products that they sell and manufacturer. In addition to that, they have maintained that they will continue to offer fiber optic cleaning products at wholesale prices in the future as well.

On behalf of the company, a senior spokesperson recently met the press in Guanzhong province in China, where the main manufacturing facility of the company is located. He said, "We know that there has been an unswerving demand of fiber optic cleaning tools in China and outside China as well. We just wanted to make a statement that we love our customers. What better way to express that than reducing the prices of items in our stock and offering something extra? So we decided to offer one one-click cleaner free for every two cleaners purchased. We know that this is a old marketing trick and we are pretty confident that our customers will love this kind of offer." He also indicated that there's more to the promotional offers than they are offering currently.

About is a reputed manufacturer and wholesaler of fiber optic cleaning tools. The company has its headquarters in China.

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