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Raven Firm, LC Announce the Launch of the New Jersey Real Estate Agent Directory


Wheat Ridge, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- Raven Firm, LC an expert in building business directories has today launched a New Jersey Real Estate Agent Directory. The leading developers of business directories including a National Directory of Real Estate Agents launched the Directory to help make it easier for people buying or selling a property in New Jersey.

Although the Directory of New Jersey Real Estate Agents is an important resource for people looking to sell a property, it is also a directory for people looking to buy a home. A professional NJ Real Estate Agent can help a property owner sell their home faster, and by using the directory; property owners can find an agent within their property location.

When looking for a new home it can be a challenge for experienced buyers and more challenging for first-time-buyers. That is why it is important to find an experienced Real Estate Agent who can make the whole process simplified. However, if a person is new to the process of buying a property or is not familiar with the location, finding an experienced New Jersey Real Estate Agent can be a struggle.

The New Jersey Real Estate Agent Directory ( ), is one of the largest directories in the country that lists over 49,000 Real Estate Agents in the New Jersey area. The directory lists all their contact information including their location, which makes it easier to find an agent within their location.

"The Raven Firm, LC is pleased to announce the launch of This follows our other regional directories for professionals, such as and Regional directories are important because consumers for real estate don't always need to search the entire nation, they just need to search in their state," says Patrick Singson, a Raven Firm representative.

The New Jersey Real Estate Directory also publishes mortgage rates, as well as the latest Real Estate articles, and a mortgage calculator.

For people wishing to find a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey, please visit the Directory here,

About Agent Of New Jersey
Agent of New Jersey is a directory of Real Estate Agents in New Jersey. The directory allows people selling or buying a home to find an agent within their location.

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