Jeremy Brownsword

Traffic Making Tool Takes Home Based Industry to New Heights


Staffordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2010 -- There is more to Jonathan Budd's Get Traffic 3.0 bonus than what many might have initially heard and seen amid the noise of its widespread raves since being put into action online.

The popular traffic making program has already taken Facebook pay per click by storm, generating massive traffic that set a trailblazing feat seen as the highest grossing ever by the home based industry.

Budd’s coaching strategy ‘Get Traffic 3.0 - The Complete Facebook PPC Coaching Program’ assures massive traffic that had already topped over 7 million online and continues to flood through highly targeted markets.

A visionary marketer who used to be a floundering, broke, college kid who couldn’t even sponsor his mom in network marketing, Budd has since become one of today’s largest online network marketers.

His latest business tool, Get Traffic 3.0 coaching program which is integrated in an audio training termed as “webinar,” has by far changed the lives of over 15,000 people in the last 18 months of following the program’s quick and easy steps to cashing in on Facebook ads.

According to Tim Atkinson, online marketing genius who is getting the coaching program widely propagated across diverse markets, Get Traffic 3.0 has taken the home based industry to new heights, at a time when advertising and marketing surged into the popular social network platform.

“It’s all about Facebook advertising,” says Atkinson of Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 coaching program, “and my goal is to let everyone learn about Facebook PPC by showing how I use this platform to generate 100's of targeted leads daily.”

He went further by stressing that Facebook thrives alongside the growing challenge faced by many small businesses and internet marketers in making business with Google which offers more premium on those in the league of a 100 million dollar corporation or with an ad budget for 1 million a month.

“Marketers are now turning to Facebook which in my opinion, is more targeted than Google adwords,” he said. “Facebook has become the new platform for all entrepreneurs to connect with people and make a sweet living online with their advanced pay per click system.”