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GISTIC Presenting CoreBlu Tags


Makkah, Saudi Arabia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- GIS Technology Innovation Centre is introducing its latest device, the CoreBlu tag, a small wireless transmitter that works using Bluetooth Smart technology. GISTIC is an innovation, research and technology company based in Saudi Arabia. The centre contributes to the efficient vision, analysis and management of spatio-temporal and spatial geographic phenomena.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson from the company said, "Yes, we are presenting an efficient and technically advanced product, the CoreBlu tag. Once installed, these tags can constantly transmit a signal or beacon just like a radio station. These signals can be picked by any smart phone or other platform that has the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio interface installed." He further added, "GISTIC always comes up with something interesting and advanced for its users and aims to continue to produce innovations in the future."

CoreBlu tags utilize the smart city applications for navigating in buildings. It can be used to measure the temperature in different weather conditions as it comes with sensors. People can also use these tags to track loved ones or children and patients in hospitals. CoreBlu tags are available in four variations or models. Each model is optimized for an individual function. One can be used to track assets, sense motions and establish a person's proximity to and positioning within a structure.

CoreBlu provide immense flexibility to its users. One can easily customize the device to get the desired outcome with the Bluetooth Smart's beacon. The smart device can be used by pilgrims who need help to find missing people. It can also be used for navigation within the Two Holy Mosques.

GISTIC is attracting the attention of industry experts, visiting scholars, academics and interns with its wide array of revolutionary projects. The experienced team at the centre continues to develop and design unique products for the market.

GISTIC, or GIS Technology Innovation Centre, is a department under UQU (Umm Al-Qura University). It is an innovation, technology and research centre based in Saudi Arabia.

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