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Global Syn-Turf Launches Premium Artificial Grass Technology, Double S Blade, in Response to California Drought


Hayward, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Global Syn-Turf, Inc. today announced the release of new line of artificial grass developed with one-of-the-kind Double S shape technology designed to create super-realistic look and higher resilience of synthetic turf surfaces.

With this latest release, Global Syn-Turf further satisfies the industry's demand for a proven and reliable outdoor solution which is inherently low-maintenance and zero-irrigation; a synthetic grass which provides greater resiliency, realistic appearance and lasting durability.

"Days of simple, flat shaped synthetic grass' fibers are gone. Prior to Global Syn-Turf, most customers were under the impression that unique grass blade's shape is appropriate to consider only for heavy foot traffic, rough play and consistent stress, " – said Rachel Brady, Global Syn-Turf's Marketing, and Sales Manager. "Turf construction has a big part to play with regard to durability and resilience, and what most important for millions of homeowners, it provides natural, smooth matte pattern. "

The latest enhancements with Double S shape blade allow wider than regular, texturized look to the end-product. This update nests neatly with core value of the synthetic grass – the capacity to withstand severe weather changes, intense and constant use in combination with a soft, plush touch.

The new Double S fiber technology features multi-color emerald green and olive green blades with double thatching in brown and green for additional elaborate feel. First releases of Double S Blade line of artificial grass is available for distribution country-wide. Double S-72's pile height is 1 7/8 inches with 3/8 inches turf gauge and the face weight 72 oz. Double S-61 comes with the pile height of 1 3/4 inches and face weight 61 oz. The sturdy backbone of the fibers makes the grass stand up for a longer time and give the surface a remarkable resilience. This unique fiber blade significantly reduces glare to create super-realistic appearance.

"We go beyond focusing on just texture and colors to enhance the realistic appearance of grass," – continued Ms. Brady. "We create an experience of personal wellness which helps to pinpoint homeowners and businesses needs and expectations. With climate change and drought, we are able to provide a broader benefit to people, the community and the environment."

The global artificial grass market in thriving and evolving. Some of the key factors spurring market growth include an increasing need for water, regional and global population growth, and a climate change. Water scarcity raises demand for environmentally-friendly lawns, playgrounds, recreational and sports fields. The natural grass lawn is the most water-intensive part of any landscape. Average household spend sixty percent of water on outdoor irrigation. As a part of global save water effort, Global Syn-Turf brings latest innovations to US residents in order to provide affordable, finest quality surfaces that help conserve water and prepare the country for a better future.

"Artificial grass was always a topic of debate between environmentalists and conservationists. Today, switching to the artificial landscape is more about our survival, at least for residents of drought-affected states such as California, Nevada, and Arizona." - continued Rachel Brady. "The drought had already cost the state of California $2.2 billion. Some scientists say the drought could last up to 100 years. If we keep wasting water on irrigation, the government may have to evacuate us out of state. At Global Syn-Turf, we are happy to be a part of national water conservation efforts and allow for a maintenance-free, clean and eco-friendly alternative to natural grass."

About Global Syn-Turf
Global Syn-Turf is a U.S. based synthetic grass manufacturer with warehouse's locations in major metropolitan areas throughout the country. Their primary clients include large chains of home improvement retailers, municipalities, architects and landscape designers and contractors. Utilizing the proprietary technology and high-quality artificial grass products, they can provide niche-specific solutions for residential and commercial landscape lawns, putting green, safe and eco-friendly playground surfaces, indoor and outdoor athletic fields.

Rachel Brady (Marketing and Sales Manager)
Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
2482 Technology Drive,
Hayward, CA 94545