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Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Reports Companies Need to Think Outside of the Box

Employee satisfaction is closely linked to business outcomes, announces


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- Many companies choose to hold company picnics or fiscal year end functions for employees, yet don't include the entire family in the event. Business owners need to think outside of the box to keep employees happy, however, and one way to do so is to host a summer kickoff party or other function for all employees and their family members. It's a great way to encourage employees to interact and to bring family members into the fold, and Big Bounce Fun House Rentals inflatable party rentals Indianapolis can be of assistance with this.

"A study conducted in 2005 and published in Personnel Psychology found that employee attitudes and behaviors affect business outcomes. Employers need to recognize this and ensure they have satisfied employees. The key lies in finding what makes the employees happy. For those with families, it's providing adequate family time or possibly recognizing the challenges parents in the workforce face on a daily basis," Susan Lorimer, spokesperson for Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Indianapolis IN, reports.

The majority of Americans, 52.3 percent, remain unhappy at work, according to Surprisingly, however, more than 60 percent stated people at work make them the happiest while on the job. For this reason, employers should find a way to encourage interaction outside of the normal work environment, and a summer kickoff party is a great way to do so. This is only one of the many ways an employer can work to encourage better employee satisfaction, especially with women who report a lower level of satisfaction than men when it comes to their job.

To combat this, companies may wish to take part in family activities, such as post prom party planning Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Indianapolis, Lorimer states. Parents often bring their fears to work with them and acknowledging these fears while proactively working to reduce them will help with employee satisfaction. Parents appreciate employers who work to ease the stress of raising children in the modern world and love that children can have fun while engaging in activities important to them with the help of their employer.

Although many employees don't list increased family time when outlining factors critical to employee satisfaction, this definitely plays a role in one's job performance. When an individual feels their work life is spilling over into family time, they find this troubling, as reported in a 1192 conducted by the Families and Work Institute. Employers need to find ways to bring families together in a casual setting to show they understand how work life and family life coexist and affect each other.

"Turn to Big Bounce Fun House Rentals to plan a summer kickoff event, a post prom party for children of employees or an Independence Day gathering. With many different inflatables and leisure items to select from, hosting an event all guests will enjoy has never been easier. Big Bounce Fun House Rentals has the equipment and the experience to make any event a huge success, " Lorimer declares.

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