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Wheelchair Ramp Specialist Ramp It Up Reveals Details of New Licensing Program

As Baby Boomers begin retiring, new program provides a simple, attractive way for entrepreneurs to break into an active, rapidly growing industry, Ramp It Up reports


Willow Spring, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- Ramp It Up, one of the country's leading wheelchair ramp sales, rental, and installation companies, announced the commencement and details of a special new licensing program. Arriving on the scene as one of the most attractive new business opportunities of recent times, the Ramp It Up program will allow licensees to easily serve growing populations of retired baby boomers and others in their own local areas. With a wide selection of popular wheelchair ramp rentals and nationwide sales through its eShop portal, Ramp It Up is one of top names in wheelchair ramps in the United States today.

"Americans are living longer than ever, and that goes for the many baby boomers who are just now beginning to retire," Ramp It Up founder Roy Dickan noted, "Helping these aging Americans make the most of their golden years is already a huge industry, and it is only going to get bigger. Our new licensing program makes it incredibly easy for qualified people to go into business providing top-quality wheelchair ramp rentals and sales in their own local market."

The American Association of Retired People reports that almost 90% of those surveyed hope to remain in their family homes right up until the end of their lives. Even among retirees who need regular, ongoing medical care, the tally amounts to over 80%, emphasizing just how important this goal is to many people.

With the members of the unprecedented population bulge known as the Baby Boomer generation now beginning to retire, there is a great and rapidly increasing demand for ways of helping Americans realize this dream of independence and what is known as "aging in place." Even among those who remain fundamentally healthy in most ways, aging often brings joint problems, loss of muscle tone, and conditions that can make even simple walking difficult.

Ramp It Up is one of the nation's leading suppliers of equipment that aims right at the heart of challenges like these that are now becoming so widespread. The company's Wheelchair Ramp Rentals enable people with relatively short-term needs owing to accidents and the like to easily access their homes and places of business until they are healed. That helps to keep the costs of dealing with such issues lower while also allowing for all the freedom and flexibility that people everywhere prize so highly.

In addition to selling and renting the nation's best selection of handicap ramps, Ramp It Up also provides a host of related products and equipment. The company's platform lift offerings, for example, provide another means of dealing with these common issues, as do its compact threshold ramps, accessibility-focused remodeling services, and other options.

The new Ramp It Up licensing program will allow entrepreneurs around the country to leverage the company's highly respected name, unmatched expertise, and thriving supplier relationships to the benefit of their own businesses. More information about the program and full contact details can be found at the Ramp It Up website.

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