Psi-Tek Publishes Major New Wave of Free Self-Improvement and Spirituality E-Books

One of the largest yet in the site's thirteen-year history, update has something fresh and special for everyone, along with exclusive new editorial content, Psi-Tek reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Psi-Tek, the Internet's top source for life-changing self-improvement and spirituality books, added a number of new selections to the company's collection of free e-books. The fascinating new books cover topics ranging from sleep-time learning techniques to overcoming addiction and unlocking the hidden power of the brain, and are available for free and without obligation to site visitors. In addition, Psi-Tek's operators have launched a wave of new editorial content, including an exclusive, in-depth Subliminal Power software review that has been eagerly anticipated by site users since it was announced.

"We're proud and excited to announce that we now have a number of new free e-books to offer to our visitors," Psi-Tek representative Simon Templeton said, "Whether that means a new edition of the Master Key System book that has been enthralling and enlightening audiences for decades or a fresh new approach to organizing the duties of modern daily life, there is something here for everyone. Our fans can count on plenty more great new offerings in the coming weeks and months, too."

With the self-help industry in the United States alone now accounting for over $10 billion in commerce annually, personal improvement is big business. Feeling pressured on all sides by increasingly competitive environments of all kinds, more people that ever are seeking to make the absolute most of their potential and their lives.

Since its founding in 2002, the PsiTek Free Books website has proven, over and over again, that personal improvement does not have to be expensive. Opening its virtual doors at a time when the industry was much less crowded, the pioneering Psi-Tek site was the first to offer up a rich, rigorously curated collection of top-quality self-improvement and spirituality e-books and do so for free.

Over a decade later, in fact, Psi-Tek remains by far the top site of its kind, and today's generous update further widens that lead. Responding to the suggestions of some of the site's many dedicated users, Psi-Tek editors have arranged to make available an entirely new batch of frequently requested personal improvement e-books.

For the first time, for example, the Psi-Tek collection now includes a highly regarded digital edition of one of the truly seminal personal improvement books, Charles F. Haanel's Master Key System. That once-banned work guides readers to mastery of what Haanel describes as seven hermetic principles, a journey that many believe can result in the ability to finally make much-desired changes in the student's life.

In addition to a number of new, free e-books, Psi-Tek editors have also released important new reviews and guides as part of the update. Their look at the popular Subliminal Power software package, for example, arrives on the scene as the most comprehensive and detailed one to be found anywhere, a hallmark of Psi-Tek's editorial work in general. Whether in the form of e-books, reviews, or other materials, all of the material in the site's new content update is now online and available for free to Psi-Tek's visitors.

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