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Systematic Cleaning of Montague Launches New Black Mold Public Awareness Campaign

Although public is more informed about dangers of mold than in the past, more work needs to be done, Systematic Cleaning reports


Montague, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- Systematic Cleaning and Restoration Corp began a new public awareness campaign focusing on the dangers of black mold in domestic settings. With household mold costing Americans billions of dollars every year and causing countless health problems, Systematic Cleaning representatives maintain that the time has come for greater awareness about the issue. The campaign kicks off with the publication of an in-depth new guide to the facts about household mold at the Systematic Cleaning website, with company representatives standing ready to answer questions from the press and members of the public.

"Long a misunderstood topic, problematic black mold has received quite a bit more attention in recent years," Systematic Cleaning representative Jeff Klein reported, "That is heartening to see, but the fact is that there is still much more work to be done. We're happy to contribute through our new public awareness campaign. While black mold will never be eradicated entirely, improved awareness as to how it takes hold and what to do about it can make a big difference."

The universally respected Mayo Clinic finds that over 90% of all chronic sinus infections can be traced back to the inhalation of certain kinds of mold. In addition, some experts suspect that rapidly increasing asthma reports in the United States might stem from the same sources, with airborne mold spores at the very least making attacks much more likely.

That means that preventing mold from cropping up in household settings has to be a high priority for people everywhere. As far as the Environmental Protection Agency is concerned, every type of mold in existence has the potential to cause at least some health issues, making a zero tolerance policy the most sensible of all.

By providing top quality mold removal and related services, locally owned and operated Systematic Cleaning and Restoration Corp has been a key partner for many residents of the heavily populated areas in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York that surround its headquarters in Montague Township. With a 60-minute response commitment, the fully insured, IICRC-certified company provides guaranteed water damage repair, mold remediation, and other services that help to ward off the threat that mold can otherwise pose.

By helping to educate the public through the company's new public awareness campaign and other means, Systematic Cleaning hopes to give people throughout the region the ability to enjoy safer, healthier, mold-free lives. As an important part of the new campaign, an in-depth guide to the subject of mold has been published at the company's website. Systematic Cleaning experts are also ready to answer questions about mold and other topics from any interested parties, and the company will continue to offer free consultations by phone to anyone who has suffered water damage or mold issues.

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