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Ex Boyfriend Insight Publishes New Round of Eagerly Awaited Relationship Articles

Containing valuable, practical tips about the common goal of provoking jealousy in an ex and other topics, new articles will be of great use to many readers, Ex Boyfriend Insight reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- With modern relationships more complex and confusing than ever before, Ex Boyfriend Insight once again steps up to help with some fresh, productive insights. One of the Internet's most popular relationship advice sites of all, Ex Boyfriend Insight has just published a number of new guides that cover some of the most pressing and frequently discussed breakup topics. Ex Boyfriend Insight founder Mark Ong's newly published advice about how to deal with the desire to fill a former boyfriend with jealousy, for example, is already attracting lots of attention on the major social networks and spreading like wildfire.

"Since founding Ex Boyfriend Insight early last year, we've made a real difference for many people who have gone through difficult breakups," Ong noted, "That's why we're so happy to report that we have just published a brand new wave of content that addresses many of the requests that we most frequently hear. Whether that means gaining a healthier perspective on the desire to make a former boyfriend jealous or ways of getting into the kind of mindset most conducive to restoring a relationship, we have added a whole range of helpful new articles. Visit ExBoyfriendInsight.com to find out more."

Even less so than in the past, modern people refuse to be content with anything short of realizing their ultimate potential and achieving their wildest dreams. That fact has turned the American self-help industry into a 10-billion-plus-dollar behemoth, with people from all backgrounds constantly searching for ways to improve their capabilities and better their lots in life.

Within the sprawling ranks of these restless searchers, good relationships advice is among the most highly prized of all. Recognizing that there was a real lack of good information of this kind written by intelligent, no-nonsense male commentators, Mark Ong threw his hat into the ring with the founding of Ex Boyfriend Insight in March of 2014.

The response to this website was immediate and immensely positive. The very first wave of visitors to the new site spread awareness of how Mark Ong's advice put them back into the driver's seat with regard to failed relationships, helping them to gain power over their situations that they had formerly not thought possible. Subsequent updates to the site bolstered its reputation further, as helpful new posts about establishing realistic expectations, leveraging social network sites like Facebook, and other topics added even more in the way of useful information.

The just-announced, eagerly anticipated updates to Ex Boyfriend Insight, then, will be of great interest to the site's many existing fans, along with anyone else who wants to better understand how to productively deal with a breakup or even work toward repairing one. Ex Boyfriend Insight's savvy, smart readers were the inspiration for the new posts, which are now available to all at the website, and they are already benefiting from the valuable new thoughts those resources contain.

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