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BigC666 Enterprises, LLC Launches New Water Filter Systems Rectifying Public Gambit

Thorough whole house water filtration systems help eliminate growing concerns over new public water treatment stratagem, publishes


Orange, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- In the face of a spreading freshwater shortage made worse by swelling residential and commercial water usage, America finds itself struggling to find ways of offsetting imminent disaster. Among these measures are plans for the building and use of new public water treatment plants utilizing outflow from existing waste water treatment facilities across the country. Despite extensive treatment and sanitation procedures via the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act put into effect in 1972 and 1974 respectively, water supplies are already riddled with trace amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, minerals and microbes. This prompts growing concern from residents and government agencies alike over these impending arrangements.

In anticipation of the forthcoming stratagem, Willis Findley of BigC666 Enterprises, LLC has launched the company's newly redesigned whole house water filter system. Said Findley, "A number of harmful substances have been found in America's drinking water supplies, even those coming straight from EPA certified treatment plants. We've been researching this problem, as well as possible solutions, since 1997, and we're passing the benefits of our labors to the public via our water filtration systems."

Among the many contaminants currently found in water is lead, an element known for decades to create adverse health effects. Some of these include impaired bone and muscle growth, devastation of the nervous system, kidney damage and various learning and behavioral issues in children as well as high blood pressure, nerve and digestive disorders, decreased fertility and memory obstruction in adults. Arsenic has also been discovered in water samples from several states, a substance linked to cancers of the lungs, skin and urinary system.

Trace levels of a single-cell organism known as Cryptosporidium can be found in drinking water and is known for causing diarrhea. E. coli is also typically present and can bring about an array of infections; in extreme cases, this bacteria can lead to anemia and kidney failure. Additional harmful factors stem from chlorine widely used in treatment facilities. Although chlorine itself has the ability to eliminate many of the more dangerous bacteria and microbes present in untreated water, this chemical and its associated treatment processes have been linked to certain forms of bladder and rectal cancer.

Water filtration systems produced by BigC666 Enterprises, LLC utilize a multiphasic approach to ridding residential water of potentially devastating presences. A preliminary sediment filter removes larger particles such as rust and calcium deposits. Secondary sediment filters eliminate smaller fragments possibly overlooked by the initial step.

Activated carbon is implemented in the third phase in an effort to remove organic compounds, including chlorine already present in the water. Reverse osmosis then comes into play, followed by an additional carbon filter. The process is finalized by applying ultraviolet light to the water for sterilization rather than using chlorine and producing harmful byproducts.

Concluded Findley, "Our systems come with a 5-year warranty and little to no maintenance. Though they can easily be installed without the assistance of a plumber, we can help locate local contractors for those who prefer professional installation. We'll do our best to educate you on the importance of using our whole house water filter and eliminate the concerns involved in using public water supplies as well as the need to rely on bottled water."

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