Now that you're gone

DJ Ritendra Talks About His Debut Album 'Now That You're Gone'


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- DJ Ritendra recently confirmed that his first studio album will finally be released under Lewavesi Productions in early August this year. He previously announced the title of his album which is "Now that you're gone" and now officially has revealed the tracklist. The genre of the album "Now that you're gone" will be EDM and Electro Pop, something which DJ Ritendra is known for producing. He also said that the main theme of this album will be the genre of Love and we will get to hear the variegated emotions expressed in Love through this album, be it misunderstandings, reminiscing, joy and sheer love.

Overall, the album will have 10 songs in it, all produced and mastered by DJ Ritendra himself. DJ Ritendra will feature several other singers on "Now that you're gone" who will be delivering their vocals on the beats created by DJ Ritendra.

DJ Ritendra has also announced the tracklist of his album and the nature of each and every track, which is as follows.

Track 1 Misunderstood (feat. SavutoVakadewavosa)
Track 2 Now That You're Gone (feat. JovanaDjordjevic)
Track 3 I'll Still Love You the Same (feat. JovanaDjordjevic)
Track 4 Abyss of Me (feat. Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
Track 5 No Problem without You (feat. Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
Track 6 As I Am (feat. Anna Yanova-Cattoor)
Track 7 Secret Lovers
Track 8 Tonight
Track 9 Ballin (feat. Andrew P)
Track 10 Bucket To A Benz (feat. Andrew P And The Homie G)

DJ Ritendra looks fully satisfied with his project as this is the outcome of all the efforts he took to fulfill his ambitions and come up with this album. DJ Ritendra also explained his idea behind the album, he said, "With me being a DJ, people will expect me to study the music of other artists and remix them together, but along with that, I thought why not I should come up with my own music. Something original and independent. I had this idea in my mind, started working on it, and now, here I am"

It really looks like DJ Ritendra is going one step further to elevate the state of EDM and Electro Pop music in Fiji, with his new album and is very ambitious to start his career on a major level with a bang.

DJ Ritendra,