The Daughter of the Transylvanian Priest – An Unusual Crowdfunding Campaign

Paula is going home to Transylvania to record her first album in the village where she was born – with the Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan (Tinariwen).


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Paula is the daughter of the priest from a small Transylvanian village. As a child, she used to sing traditional music like no other. Until one day, when she left her village to seek her destiny in becoming an opera singer. Since then, she has struggled as an immigrant in the countries where she has lived. But deep inside she's still a little girl from Transylvania. As is so true of many of us, her true voice comes from her roots.

That's what she feels when she sings with the band Zmeitrei. And now their first album is ready which means now it's time for Paula to return home to Transylvania, to the village where her voice was born. With the help of crowdfunding, she will record this album in the same places she visited as a child which have special meaning in her story.

Zmeitrei has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create this album with Grammy award winning producer Ian Brennan who specializes in world-class field recordings (Tinariwen). This is Paula's unique chance to open her voice and Zmeitrei's music to the world in a way and at a venue that is unique in every aspect.

The songs of the album tell true stories about the people and the places that we, as people, all left behind. That's why all of the songs must be recorded in Transylvania where it all started.

To turn this beautiful idea into something unprecedented, Zmeitrei has engaged with epic talent all over the world. This is truly a global project as it will traverse four countries across two continents. While Zmeitrei is based in Berlin, the recording will take place in Transylvania then it's off to the mixing studio in France and finally the mastering in California.

"It is imperative that voices from lesser recognized regions be heard. Our very health as a civilization depends on it. There could be no better ambassadors to the world for their country, than Zmeitrei." (Ian Brennan, Grammy-winning producer)

This crowdfunding campaign begins on Tuesday, June 2, and ends on Thursday, July 2.

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