BabyRaptor Inc. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Design Innovative App for Reptile Owners

The basic app will allow reptile owners and breeders to manage pet reptiles, set care reminders, take photos, find advice, track feed dates/breeding projects and much more via phone, tablet or web.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- In the US nearly 5 million people call a reptile their pet while in the UK, reptiles have became the second most popular pet in the kingdom – more popular than dogs and just slightly less popular than cats. A community of millions which has been vastly underserved by the modern advances in mobile and web technology – until now. Enter BabyRaptor, where reptile owners the world over will soon be able to unite in a close knit online social community bringing together millions and millions of people.

BabyRaptor aims to connect reptile fans and owners with fellow reptile enthusiasts who love their reptiles and want to share the love. At its core, BabyRaptor is a powerful reptile management app, but much more than that, BabyRaptor is a complete reptile community. Social engagement and learning is fostered among reptilian enthusiasts as well as the sharing of the reptiles themselves in ever-expanding collections most reptile lovers can relate to. Owners can seek advice and even track breeding projects expanding one's knowledge and appreciation of this often underserved sector of the animal kingdom.

Fans and owners of reptiles are encouraged to get on board and get involved with the BabyRaptor Kickstarter project and show their support for the reptiles loved by so many people. Lovers of reptiles can look forward to these planned features of first BabyRaptor release:
- Basic profiles
- Set reminders for important reptile care / feed dates
- Take photos of reptile pets
- Event tracking and milestones for every pet's life
- Custom Notes allowing for easy access to important notes
- Detailed care guides for a variety of species

All backers of this crowdfunding campaign will receive a free copy of the app upon release, premium backer-only features, access to all betas during development, and help shape the community. With more and more reptile fans on-board new and exciting things will happen as the community is developed.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on June 26, 2015.

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