Shrink Wrapping Boats and Sustainability: Kempner Comments


Middlesex, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Recent news from the US has emphasized both the versatility and sustainability of using shrink wrap as a contemporary packaging practice. In the US, boat shrink-wrap is a highly popular form of protection, covering boats in the winter months, often when they are docked in marinas. According to recent announcements by the WoodsHole Sea Grant program, the US is now endorsing a process of collections where boat owners give their used shrink wrap to recyclers, at no cost to themselves.

The incorporation of recycling into the shrink wrap system ultimately highlights what a highly responsive area it is at current. Shrink-wrap has highly beneficial packaging qualities for a variety of goods – and can provide an airtight seal, is dust resistant and can even have a translucent finish so the object can be seen inside. That are cycling initiative is underway to help sustain one of the biggest areas of shrink wrap usage highlights that it can used as part of an environmentally conscious process also.

Kempner are a key provider of shrink wrap machinery and packaging systems, as well as frequent commentators on industry news. They were quick to comment on this latest information from America.

"We think that the announced recycling initiative in the US is a significant positive," a company spokesperson told us "As it highlights that not only is shrink wrap such a durable packaging method that it can be even used in the maritime industry, but also that it can be reused and recycled. As key UK retailers of shrinkwrap machinery, sustainability is a key factor of what drives us forward selling our machines, so we are following suit of progress in the US. After all, not only can shrink wrap be part of a greener process but when businesses have their own machines, this reduces transport costs to packaging facilities and saves on further emissions.

In turn, we are confident that shrink wrap will continue to be a well-managed, respected and productive means of packaging for many years to come."

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