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Highster Mobile App Helps Small Companies Prevent Wastage of Capital


Medan, Sumatera Utaea -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Many companies have reported failure in work productivity because of the inability of the administration to closely monitor the activities of the employees. Recognizing the urgent need to monitor the cell phone of employees and kids all alike, the highster mobile app has been introduced to offer an easier alternative to sleepless nights of worrying.

It has been reported that most failures in companies and businesses has been risen due to the backroom deals made by trusty employees. Companies resources have also been reportedly drained due to the excessive use of time on porno sites or other similar activities online or either on the phone. Parents have also reported to have handled teenage problems more efficiently with the aid of the highster mobile app.

The app has been appreciated popularly for some of the most efficient and on the spot tracking of the activity of children as well as employees. It has been designed to be compatible with both the Android and Apple devices. In addition to this, individuals can also use their versatile app in iPhones, iPods and iPads. It has been known to have been helpful for an endless list of needs by clients like that of running and tracking any kind of data in less amount of time.

Many have also benefited from the app's option of recording and storing all or selected number of the voicemail, texts, and other messages that have been exchanged. Users are even alerted when the SIM card is intentionally changed by the other party. With an all out efficient data procurement system, it has been able to help individuals access to and track email logs, video logs, facebook logs, skype logs, real-time tracking, photos log, browser history log, and many more. The latest feature is the exclusive demands made by the clients.

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