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My Identity Doctors Now Offering Medical ID Bracelets for Safety During Summer Outdoor Activities


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- The summer season is the perfect time for picnics, barbeques, beach time and various sporting activities. But, too much outdoor activity can cause sunburns and other harmful effects to people of all ages. To create awareness for safety during the summer season, My Identity Doctor is now offering Medical ID bracelets and necklaces. These medical ID jewelry pieces are made of premium stainless steel that easily withstands everyday use.

To ensure increased visibility of the patient's medical information and data for doctors, these medical IDs have been engraved with a bold black font. The medical jewelry that the company offers enhances the individual's safety by limiting misdiagnosis and error. It also saves the patient from hospital bills by reducing the amount of time spent at the hospital and speeding up their medical treatment.

Speaking more about the Medical Bracelet offered by the company, one of the representatives of My Identity Doctor stated, "We strive to ensure you receive the best engraving and visibility possible. We use a high-powered engraver that burns your information onto the metal. This is by far the best for visibility and is extremely resistant to everyday wear and tear. Our stainless steel IDs are custom designed to improve contrast to further increase visibility. We warranty all items and offer our 100% Engraving Guarantee."

About My IDentity Doctor
My IDentity Doctor believes in providing service that cares for its customers. They do care about their customers and their well-being. Their caring service pays close attention to one's needs, and customizes all items with their safety in mind. The responsibility they hold for the customer's detailed information is important for both. One can find an ID that will most commonly have a fine polished front to give a fine stylish design, and a brushed steel back to improve engraving visibility and ensure one's safety.

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