IBSO Announces Results of Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- IBSO, The International Business Standards Organization, a leading name which is dedicated to promoting ethical business standards worldwide, has announced that more than 150 participants from 40 countries have formally committed to promoting ethical business initiatives and practices since their official launch of its Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.


Questions have arisen surrounding which nations lead the ethical standards of business practices for years. With the official results based on the countries that have decided to participate in the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, the suggestion is that the United States and UK are the globe's leaders in ethical business practices based on the number of signatories in the Worldwide Charter Signatories Catalogue. However, with worldwide approval of committing to practicing more ethical standards of business, it can be said that the results of signatories coming from dozens of nations provide good news that these practices should be universally recognized

While it would appear first-hand that Anglo-American nations are the most ethical of all countries in terms of business, it is the diversity of participants that has given IBSO the realization that there is a universal desire for fair business practices. IBSO is now looking at the data in sign-ups as a reasonable measure for the international desire to practice ethical business.

About International Businesses Standards Organization
Founded in 2011 by Konstantin Krinski and Avi Markovich, the IBSO is a non-profit organization that promotes the adoption of sustainable and fair trade practices worldwide, providing standards for public and private institutions involved in international trade and finance. The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce encompasses peaceful and sustainable development, respect for human rights and responsible environmental stewardship.

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