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San Jose Carpet Cleaning Offering New Wholly Organic Cleaning Service Safe for Children and Pets

San Jose Carpet Cleaning has recently transitioned to completely organic cleaning materials using no synthetic chemicals to ensure the ultimate clean is also safe and environmentally responsible.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Carpets add a level of luxury to the living experience that is key in making a house a home. Softness underfoot is something we prize, but this softness also makes carpets vulnerable to wear and tear, to stains, dust and other build ups that can make carpets not only unattractive but unhygienic. Keeping them clean has often meant using astringent chemicals in a long process that can make rooms noxious to be in and present a danger to vulnerable people. San Jose Carpet Cleaning is now offering the ultimate solution, with a fast and effective carpet cleaning service that uses only organic ingredients.

The new organic carpet cleaning is completely safe for children and pets and creates as thorough and transformative a result as any artificial chemical compounds. Anyone looking for Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA can now get the best results using an environmentally friendly approach, and all for the same cost as a traditional carpet clean.

The company also offers rug and upholstery cleans and restorations using specially formulated solutions that offer a more delicate approach to handling expensive Persian rugs or the softer fabrics found on Sofas.

A spokesperson for Carpet Cleaning San Jose explained, "It is important to us as a cleaning company to recognize the environmental impact we are having by using astringent synthetic chemicals, and moving away from that to use something that is not only more responsible but also better for families and those with pets to ensure there is no risk whatsoever in having carpets cleaned. Because we can guarantee the same quality of finish with the same experience team at the same price, more customers than ever can now get the best carpet cleaning possible."

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