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Ted & Stacey's Smart Reviews Publishes the 2015 Best Mattress Guide

The guide helps consumers determine which mattress best meets their needs quickly and easily, reports HeavyDutyTools.com


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Ted & Stacey's Smart Reviews proudly announces the release of the 2015 Best Mattress Guide. In this guide, consumers learn about various types of mattresses and which are the best in each category. The guide has been divided into different price categories, with the goal being to help consumers find the ideal bed for their unique needs. Consumers looking to buy a mattress need to check this award-winning mattress guide before making a purchase to save time and hassle.

"Every year, manufacturers release new mattress designs and technologies to accommodate the changing needs of consumers. Many unique changes have been witnessed in the past twenty years, and consumers may find it hard to keep up with these changes and determine which mattress best meets their needs. The guide helps to clear up any confusion, explaining the differences between the five main types of mattresses and more," Ted Wilson, spokesperson for Ted & Stacey's Smart Reviews, states.

Individuals find the guide makes use of extensive research and reader feedback, together with a thorough analysis of verified customer reviews on major Internet sites, to rank various mattresses. Whether one is in need of affordable quality mattresses for less than $500 or one wants a top of the line mattress that costs a great deal more, the guide helps to narrow the choices significantly. A mattress is an investment in a good night's sleep, so one should never sacrifice quality when making this type of purchase.

The guide names the Simmons Comforpedic Enlightened Days mattress the memory foam mattress of the year, Wilson reports. For those searching for an innerspring mattress, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge wins the top spot and the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop takes home the top prize when one is looking at natural latex mattresses. Unfortunately, the guide was unable to identify a clear winner in the air and water mattress categories.

Certain situations arise where a consumer needs to purchase a mattress to alleviate a medical condition they are suffering from. For example, consumers may find they need to conduct research on mattresses for chronic back pain, as their current mattress is leading to or making existing back pain worse. Ergonomic mattresses encourage a good sleeping position, while relaxing muscles to help minimize or eliminate this issue. Consumers find Ted & Stacey's Smart Reviews may be of aid in choosing the perfect mattress for those suffering from back pain.

"The goal is to help every consumer find the ideal mattress for their needs. The guide supplies useful information consumers benefit from when conducting their search. Anyone in the market for a new mattress should definitely check the guide out. Doing so will help to narrow the choices and ensure each buyer finds the right mattress for their specific needs," Wilson announces.

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