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Redding Sports Therapy Releases Two New Videos for Consumers

Consumers find the videos to be of great help in explaining the various treatment options offered at the center, reports


Redding, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Redding Sports Therapy recently released new videos to better inform consumers of their offerings and provide more information about their business and why it remains so popular. This Chiropractor Redding CA makes use of Hall of Fame Marketing to produce their videos and get their message out. Consumers find the video clips to be of great assistance in learning more about how a sport and rehab clinic may be of aid to them.

"Chiropractic care benefits many and is a drug-free, hands on treatment method which may be used to treat a variety of disorders. Individuals often associate chiropractors with back and neck pain, yet these doctors can treat a great deal more. In addition to examining, diagnosing and treating patients, the doctor may recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises, along with information on diet and nutrition," Nani, spokesperson for Redding Sports Therapy, announces.

Areas displaying symptoms of chronic inflammation or soft tissue fibrosis benefit from the Graston Technique, and this is one treatment the chiropractor may recommend. An instrument is used to effectively break down any fascial restrictions and scar tissue that is present in the area. The treatment method was initially developed by athletes to help with their injuries and the after effects, yet clinicians the world over now use it on their patients with great success.

With the help of the Graston Technique, patients find their treatment time lessens and they recover and rehabilitate at a faster rate. The need for anti-inflammatory medication is reduced and many chronic conditions which are thought to be permanent can be resolved. In addition, patients typically can remain on the job while undergoing treatment, reducing direct and indirect health care and labor costs, reports Nani.

Other patients benefit from corrective exercise and fundamentals. With one fifty minute session, a patient learns the principles and fundamentals for rehabilitation, and the session includes an assessment of muscle imbalances, current mechanics of the body and existing injuries. Any weaknesses are intended to become strengths following this session. Many patients find they benefit greatly from only 50 minutes of treatment.

"Patients who take part in one of these sessions find they become more independent and confident, and their personal programming and fundamentals become more proficient. In addition, they witness better posture, increased range of motion, greater mobility and increased power. The patient also learns strategies for optimal recovery. Visit Redding Sports Therapy today to discuss the various treatment options and which is right for your unique needs. With the help of the many treatment options, you should easily be able to find one that improves your overall quality of life," Nani declares.

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Redding Sports Therapy strives to provide comprehensive care for optimal performance and health. RST is a multi-discipline rehab and sport clinic, one offering physical therapy, comprehensive care and personal training.