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"I Hate My Doubles Partner" - This Best Selling Book Is Being Re-Released


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Sunday, May 31st Palisades Tennis Courts in Pacific Palisades, the former #3 Nationally Ranked Female Tennis Player, Commentator, Coach and Author Yuriko Knoblich met with local newspapers and press to discuss the re-release of her self-authored favorite best-selling book, "I Hate My Doubles Partner". Yuriko, a 5 foot tall real fireball and a past5.0 NTRP Rated Tennis Pro showed up to the press conference in one of her fabulous custom designed tennis outfits, large sun glasses and her infamous bowl cut jet black hairdo.Wearing a big smile on her face and her book in her hand she was looking like she was ready to take on all of her past doubles partners one more time.

Her book, "I Hate My Doubles Partner", a little tabletop masterpiece was originally released in 2013 and touted in tennis magazines, sports writer columns and by reviewers in newspapers, TV shows and blogs. Great reviews, client testimonials and a few, "I think I may hate you" post, came pouring in when the book was released. "My book was written to be fun, share my real life experiences and offer some educational tennis tips; it includes a history of real people I have played with on the court or coached over my 40 year history in the game", said Yuriko. She also shared, "Chances are this was going to be my only shot at being an author and I wanted to write this book because every person who has ever played tennis either knows one of the 24 annoying partners I identified in this power-packedbook or is one of them!!!"

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Summary: After being off the sales shelves for the last 10 months because of personal commitments, Yuriko has once again agreed to make the book available on Amazon for a limited time. Yuriko remarked, "My friends and students keep pushing me to re-release the book, they said it was so fun, funny and a great read. They kept saying tennis players all understand the book and have had awful doubles partners just like the ones I discussed. So I said ok but this time I am looking for a publisher and I want the book in every store, Tennis club and at Christmas time I want it to be the number one gift people buy for their friends and family. If we are going to do this then we are going to do the same way I play tennis, we will do it to win".We would expect nothing less from her.

Yuriko Knoblich was born in Japan and came to the US when she was a little girl. At age 19 she started playing tennis and won singles and doubles national tournaments earning her 5.0 NTRP rating. In her 40 years of playing and coaching she received her #3 national ranking for Senior Doubles. Her home is filled with awards and stories. Lots and lots of stories she shared. "Every doubles partner has something to share on the tennis court", shared Yuriko, "I just wish it was about tennis and not about their, husband, wife, dog, grandson or neighbor's obnoxious wife".

At barley 5 feet tall and a lefty, what she lacked in height she made up in drive, determination and winning attitude on the court. Her master strategies which she shares about in her book have become well known by tennis professionals. Yuriko has been teaching tennis for over 40 years and her students love her.I am sure sometimes they love to hate her but they always stay with her because she is the best there is.You can ask anyone of them and they will tell you... there is no one better with a tennis racket in her hands than the first lady of tennis Yuriko Knoblich.

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