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Entrepreneur Rachel Jackson Publishes New Memoir on Her Road to Business Success

Rachel Jackson has just published a new memoir detailing the failures she experienced on her road to fortune, to provide a ‘what not to do’ guide for entrepreneurs just starting out.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Failure is something we are conditioned to fear during our school years, but we often fail to measure what use the most successful in our society make of their failures. Some of the world's biggest success stories learned how to be successful from failed attempts, and one such is Rachel Jackson. A financially independent successful entrepreneur, wife and mother, she has it all. But it was not always so, as is revealed in her new book.

The book is part business book, part memoir, detailing her personal narrative in such a way that highlights many of the weird and funny circumstances that saw her bounce from opportunity to opportunity. The book clearly spells out what decisions were mistakes and why, in order to help others learn from these experiences by proxy and make better decisions for themselves.

The book enables people to fast-track their own entrepreneurial experience by standing on the shoulders of giants, and even shares research on success from Harvard University as well as exercises to help people use the same methods for success as the top 3% of their graduates.

A spokesperson for Rachel Jackson explained, "The book is designed as a practical guide to preparing for the entrepreneurial life. It is about taking opportunities and understanding that there are more out there than we can ever squander, so make the best of each and get better by learning from every single one. Starting over is not a waste, finding a new path is absolutely not a waste. Rachel is trying to show people that an indirect route to financial independence can reap even greater rewards than linear careerist thinking, and contains amazing and valuable insights learned the hard way. Anyone interested in hearing more about Rachel's book launch can hear from her on her new Body by Vi reviews video on YouTube."

About Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson is an entrepreneur with a commitment to living her life how she chooses to. A loving wife and bulldog owner, she not only nurtures her family but her fortunes, and helps other people take the first steps toward doing the same. When she isn't helping and developing her team members, she can often be found in the gym, traveling the world, enjoying a nice glass of red wine, or just relaxing by the pool.

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