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International Circuits: Redefining the Online PCB Quote and Order Process


Natick, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2010 -- International Circuits Inc. has re-launched with the mission of redefining the traditional online quote and order process for PCB prototyping. With an emphasis on ease of use and pricing -- the company’s new “prototype shopping cart” allows customers to order prototype quantities 24/7, anytime day or night.

“What separates International Circuits with the rest of the e-commerce pack is not just about ordering circuit boards online. What we’re doing is creating a new ideology of how boards are ordered and the pricing and services that comes along with it. We are selling 100 square inches worth of double sided boards for $95.00, 4 layers for $200.00 – customers are noticing and they are noticing quickly,” said Liz Queen, VP of Marketing at International Circuits.

With instant quote and order capabilities, users no longer have to wait for a traditional sales person. Once an order is quoted and submitted, the processing starts immediately. If any inconsistencies arise -- account managers from either the California or Massachusetts office respond within the hour.

Sunny Lin Ph. D., President of International Circuits, said, "In today's globalized electronics market; keeping an eye on production costs is essential for any successful firm. At, we are fully committed to offering industry leading quality and pricing to make sure you stay ahead of the curb – our prototype shopping cart is a reflection of that commitment.”

About International Circuits
International Circuits is a professional rigid, flex and aluminum printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in affordable, high-quality printed circuit boards for a global customer base. As one of the fastest growing suppliers in the industry, International Circuits has expanded its customer support center in the United States to bring the highest level of competitive pricing, product quality its North American customers. Go to to learn more.