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Hongzhen Machine Mould Group manufactures variety of molding machines. Products are sold and offered to customers across the world.


Taizhou, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- Globally there is a huge need for plastic containers and bottles in every soft drink industry of China. To solve the problem Zhejiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group Co Ltd has brought out variety of blow molding machines in the market. All its machine products have first undergone quality testing and then got the clearance to be launched in the market. These machines consume less electricity and can be operated easily. Viewers can log on to the site to know more about the functions and manufacturing process of these machines. They can see the various models of blow molding machine and can place their queries quite easily.

The company specializes and produces a vast range of products and one poplar product among them is the HZ-3000A blow molding machine. This is the most improvised version among all the categories of blow molding machines. With the help of this machine, suppliers can produce huge quantity of plastic bottles and containers within a short period of time and deliver them to the firms quite conveniently. The firm has its own specialised production units that deal in deciding the machine designs and the process of manufacturing. The firm is dedicated to provide first class machine products to its customers. Its sales teams do assist the clients in choosing the right machinery products that serve their requirement.

The firm is also a specialised manufacturer of injection machine which helps in the production of hollow glass and plastic objects in huge quantities within a short period of time. The company always conducts a thorough quality check of its sample products before the final manufacture of the products. The firm provides demonstration of its products before the clients to acquaint them with the installation and operating processes of these machines. Clients have the option of free consultation with the technical staff of the company in case of any technical difficulties while operating these machines. In such scenario the firm sends a team of specialised engineers to fix the technical defects quite conveniently. The company provides mechanical spare parts free of charge in case the machine develops problem before the expiry of 1 year of warranty.

All its products are delivered through popular shipping service providers. Machines are safely packed inside wooden case to prevent any damage. The company provides 24 hours active hotline numbers as a support to its clients. It responds to domestic queries within 12 hours and international queries within 24 hours. The firm never discloses order information as well as account information of its clients. The company accepts payment though letter of credit and telegraphic transfer. Products are normally delivered within 1 month for international clients and 2-3 weeks for domestic clients. Customers do receive a tracking code to check the status of the delivered products.

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ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group Co, Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of variety of molding machines as well as of injection machines. The firm has received many domestic and international acknowledgements for supplying standard quality of machine products. For additional information clients can view its site quite easily.

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