Mini Melts USA, Inc.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Has High Return on Investment Through Vending Opportunities


Norwich, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Starting a business is exciting and nerve-wracking. Mini Melts USA, Inc. (MMUSA) presents an ideal business opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to earn additional income on top of their full-time jobs. With an ice cream vending machine for under $10,000, all individuals that take initiative will see a high return on investment through a proven earnings method.

Vending machines are on the rise, and guests or visitors in a variety of public places are looking for a quick snack for refreshment or energy without waiting in line. Taking the right approach to the business venture will provide many benefits and advantages that help make the business a success. All buyers of Mini MeltsĀ® through vending machines will be treated to a theater-like performance from the robotics and technology incorporated into the machine. The aesthetic will keep customers coming back while attracting new buyers that pass by.

MMUSA provides support through the partnership, and individuals that start on their venture can take advantage of available locations suggested by Mini Melts USA, Inc. to get the business underway. By selecting the right location for a desired target audience, the pre-cups of ice cream will provide delicious flavor and a cool, refreshing feeling for all customers. Prevalent locations include tourist attractions, shopping malls, beaches, amusement parks, sporting events, and more.

Those entrepreneurs with approved credit can start their vending machines business with no down payment and great rates for up to 60 months. A stress-free operation, entrepreneurs are treated to advanced technology that alerts them when the machine needs to be restocked. Sit back and relax as the vending machine dispenses cup after cup of the beaded ice cream.

Partner with the MMUSA brand, and build a reputation as the business grows. With the vending machine, owners can work as little as one day per week, restocking the machine and making sure it maintains working order. To learn more about the opportunity, or to inquire about credit options, browse their website today.

About Mini Melts USA, Inc.
Mini Melts USA, Inc. manufactures its Mini MeltsĀ® ice cream in an 18,000 square foot facility in Norwich, CT and distributes it throughout the 48 contiguous United States under license from Mini Melts, Inc.

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