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Dynamic Blending Specialists Partners with Nutrix for New Ventures


South Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Nutrix partners with Dynamic Blending Specialists for custom formula development. Dynamic Blending Specialists has been hired as consultants by Nutrix to pave way for new ventures in private label manufacturing and contract manufacturing.

Nutrix is all set to begin private label manufacturing and contract manufacturing for a wide plethora of products which include oral care products, essential oils, cosmetics and many more.

Dynamic Blending Specialists own a good reputation of being an expert consultant firm in cosmetic and oral care products. The firm has an extensive experience in the field of R&D, dispensing of raw chemicals, liquid manufacturing, packaging and so forth. Dynamic Blending Specialists have partnered with several companies and this explains the reason Nutrix has trusted the services of this consultant company.

In addition to private label formula development , Dynamic Blending Specialist also possesses key knowledge in oral care formula development. The company is well versed with the challenges that may arise and are well equipped to handle the same with innovative solutions.

Based on the website, "We have an extensive background from conceptualization and product development all the way to full production. Our main goal is to help our clients get their product developed and to market. We have been successful in our approach to implement time sensitive projects. We have consulted for many private label contract manufacturers looking to produce Nutraceuticals and other products."

Dynamic Blending Specialists also possesses core capabilities in private label product development. Some of the different products which the company deals with include ant-aging serums, Nutraceuticals, lip balm, gel bases, sunless tanning lotions, vitamin water, juices and so forth.

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About Dynamic Blending Specialists
Dynamic Blending Specialists are consultants for custom formula development with a vast experience of over 20 years in the field of cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and personal care products.

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