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Foreclosure Lawyers That Stop Foreclosure Fast


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Foreclosure is a word that often means complete financial devastation, but for those that understand their legal rights, foreclosure can be stopped and the effects reversed. In fact, there are ways to prevent foreclosure and stop it in its tracks. First and foremost, homeowners must have a good understanding of the foreclosure process and the laws in California that protect borrowers. The following are a few methods to stop foreclosure fast and to ease financial troubles.

File a Lawsuit

Foreclosure lawyers are well equipped to stop auction with the power of filing a lawsuit. Lenders often use systematic methods to foreclose on borrowers without following California's strict foreclosure guidelines. When that happens, lenders often succeed in selling homes based upon the borrower's ignorance of the law. Lenders also assume that borrowers will not hire a foreclosure lawyer to help. However, the act of filing a lawsuit can stop a foreclosure in its tracks and sometimes help a borrower get their property back after a sale.  Homeowners who have hired the lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group have stopped foreclosure and regained financial footing to get back on track to save their home.

File a Temporary Restraining Order

According to California law, borrowers have an opportunity to file a temporary restraining order against their lender to stop illegal foreclosure. This legally halts the foreclosure process, and prevents the lender from moving forward with a sale on the borrower's property before the restraining order expires. Although it may seem drastic, filing a restraining order is a quick and very effective solution for stopping foreclosure.

File Bankruptcy

Another way that foreclosure lawyers can help homeowners stop foreclosure is by filing bankruptcy on behalf of the borrower. Bankruptcy is often the last resort, but it can be a quick and extremely effective way to prevent foreclosure and really improve a borrower's situation. However, to quickly sop a sale it is critical for a homeowner to hire a foreclosure lawyer and take legal action to avoid losing their property. As soon as an individual learns their home is in foreclosure it is always best to contact a lawyer.

Get Legal Help

The Consumer Action Law Group team of foreclosure lawyers has years of experience in dealing with foreclosures. They are well versed in California foreclosure laws, and have a very strong track record with foreclosure cases successfully filed for their clients. It is essential that borrowers understand how difficult it is to win any foreclosure case without the assistance of a lawyer. The process is tedious and involves a thorough understanding of the law.  The Consumer Action Law Group team of attorneys can help navigate the law and the courts with effectiveness and efficiency.

To discuss a potential case, it is best to contact the Consumer Action Law Group team of lawyers today. They will assist in stopping foreclosure fast.

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