TME Productions Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Making of 'Day by Day'

‘Day by Day’ is an upcoming show from TME Productions that will take the audience to a world where they are surrounded by the infected, and there is no cure.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- The story of 'Day by Day' revolves around the character of Seth Thompson and his backpacking trip around Asia during his last summer break from college. As a mysterious epidemic sweeps through the country and begins to spread globally, Seth starts moving from continent to continent. He can only survive by finding a way back home. The show stars Esquire Duke (Carl Jackson's Strong Black Woman) and Bailey La Flam.

Through the eyes of Seth Thompson, 'Day by Day' will tell the story from a global perspective; different races and cultures coming together in times of hardship and need. The show intends to cast different ethnicities to truly bring out the world-wide story.

The funding requirement for the completion of this project is $50,000. They have partnered with From the Heart Productions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping independent filmmakers successfully create, fund, and distribute films. All donations are 100 percent Tax Deductible.

TME Productions has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to ensure that Day By Day will reach its full potential. The campaign's funding goal is $50,000, and this will cover expenses such as
- Post Production (Sound, Visual FX, Editing, Composing).
- Production (crew, cameras, sound recording, lighting, locations, talent and crew).
- Rewards for this campaign.

Inviting the backers to support the campaign, Angie Quidim from TME Productions said, "We are partnering with other professionals, such as From the Heart Productions, to take this show to the next level. We give you a character driven story that you will want to keep coming back to because you will help us tell this story. From being a part of the writers' room to actually controlling the infected in the show, you will be a big reason why it is completed at such a high level. By contributing, you won't just be a fan; you'll be a part of the experience."

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About 'Day by Day'
'Day by Day' is a show from TME Productions that follows the character Seth Thompson on a backpacking trip around Asia during his last summer break from college when a mysterious epidemic sweeps through the country. As the infection begins to spread rapidly, moving from continent to continent, the world is casted into a full global crisis. In order to survive, Seth must find others and set off to discover a way back home.

About From the Heart Productions Inc.
From the Heart Productions is a company dedicated to helping educate independent filmmakers create, fund and produce projects that are unique and make a contribution to society. These are unfinished films with compelling and powerful stories told with passion that without their help, may never get made.