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Scheiner Law Group Sees Client No Billed by Grand Jury in Apartment Sexual Assault Case

Scheiner Law Group saw their client Agustin Segovia’s Sexual Assault case thrown out due to insufficient evidence despite local news channels’ efforts to sensationalize the case.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- The legal system is an essential construct protecting the public in their everyday lives from criminals, and ensuring those who have committed crimes go to prison, while perhaps more importantly helping keep innocent people out. Accusations of sexual assault are uniformly treated with utmost seriousness, as they should be. Those accused however must defend their innocence fiercely, and Scheiner Law Group helped one man, Agustin Segovia, do just that.

The sexual assault attorney in Houston recently won an early victory in The State of Texas vs. Agustin Segovia, Cause No. 1460106; 232nd Dist. Court, Harris County, where a Grand Jury no billed the case.

Segovia was accused of sexual assault on a resident of Harvest Hill apartments, where he worked in maintenance. Released on bail, he returned to work and was lambasted in the media for returning to work, despite the sacrosanct nature of the law requiring individuals be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

When the case was brought before a Grand Jury however, they returned a No Bill, declaring that there was insufficient evidence to suggest any crime took place, and prevented the accusations from even being debated in a trial.

A spokesperson for Scheiner Law Group commented on the result, "Our client is understandably thrilled to have had the case against him so summarily dismissed by a Grand Jury, as it emphatically demonstrates his innocence, as there was insufficient evidence to even begin a trial. We have helped Mr. Segovia prepare his legal case and we too are pleased to see the Grand Jury have come to the right conclusion. We hope that Mr. Segovia can begin to put this unpleasant experience behind him, and we will continue to aid the wrongly accused pursue justice."

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