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Lawrence Lanoff's New Book Language of Lust Newly Released at


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- Lawrence Lanoff's newly released book Language of lust is a dating guide, which explains comprehensively about the reason why womenfolk are very difficult to figure out, and how a man should use psychological triggers that will speak to the subliminal mind to attract women. The guide in this book can also help men to create a long lasting arousing bond with the woman they love and it will also make the woman draw towards him and want him.

One of the standards which much of the systems methodology is based is on the fact that what women want is quite different from what they are fascinated to. This makes it unsuccessful for guys as their attempts to achieve all the necessary boxes are often not successful.

The book, language of lust, instills a deep perceptive of the evolutionary systems behind physical attraction, and therefore offers men with realistic and useful tools for making instant chemistry with almost any woman.

A lot of guys often end up in the friend zone when their attempts to seduce a woman go wrong. The aim of this program is to teach guys how to evade this feared fate and achieve what they are really after. According to this guide, men often end up in the friend zone many a times as most of them focus on being polite, nice and agreeable instead of developing a strong emotional and physical connection. This is a sincere mistake, as the majority of guys do not have much idea on how to develop chemistry which is precisely what makes the methods taught in the language of lust extremely powerful.

Readers will learn a verified technique for bringing out emotional and physical desire in women that has little to do with how successful they are career wise or how they look. This book will address all the stages of the dating course starting from first eye contact to starting a physical closeness, whilst offering techniques and tips for building quick progress in the process. For more information please visit

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This Language of Lust review is of a new dating guide created by renowned relationship guru Lawrence Lanoff which explains in great detail the reason that women are so hard to figure out, and how to use psychological triggers that speak to the subconscious mind to attract women.

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