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Fullproof Intelligence Launches a Brand New Division for Stolen Art

FullProof Intelligence, which is widely known on a global scale for its ability to offer unparalleled strategic and operational services to businesses along with individuals, has now announced the launch of its new division catering to stolen art.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- FullProof Intelligence recognizes the importance of considering looking into stolen art, as over a period of 365 days, the amount of loss a company or an individual suffers due to stolen pieces of art is massive in the UK alone. Not just art but vintage and antique pieces that have held high regard since ancient times are also considered as prized possessions and are therefore at risk of being stolen.

Over the period of a single year, a company or an individual suffers a loss of nearly 1000 pounds. Besides, the total cost of all the antiques and vintage pieces and art that is stolen worldwide amounts to nearly 3.7 billion pounds, which clearly means that the matter needs strict attention.

Keeping this in mind, FullProof Intelligence has decided to launch a new division catering solely to stolen art. They aim to contribute towards the art community to extend their support to the community that faces a massive amount of crime in terms of stolen art and help them in its quick recovery, should such an incident occur.

FullProof Intelligence has offered a range of services for the recovery of stolen art. Among these services are:


With the FullProof Stolen Art Recovery's Database, one can send in a request to perform a complete database search so as to find out if any registered item has been stolen, lost or is fake.

Registration of loss:

Any Art or antique that has been stolen or lost can be instantaneously reported, which will then be lodged into FullProof's database for stolen art.

"Art and antique theft is recently estimated at 3.7 billion pounds a year from the UK association of police chief officers. We are excited to announce our new division for stolen art. We will implement the same professionalism and care into this division that we use with our main website"

Mark HIll-Wood

To know more about how one can make full use of FullProof's soon to be launched Stolen Art division: http://www.fullproofstolenartrecovery.com

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