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Desktop Quadra Monitor Arm – Meet the Future of Ergonomic Designing

This multi-functional desktop quadra monitor arm has an innovative design that beautifully combines style and comfort. It is an ideal solution for mounting multiple screens in offices, surveillance rooms, and trade floors. This monitor stand is an innovative space saving solution that is compatible with most screens and monitors.


Vejle, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- A Desktop Quadra Monitor Arm That Is Designed For Delectation

Complement has launched a quad monitor arm – LA-517-1. This system is ergonomically designed to include height adjustable features, an easy to install mechanism, a sturdy and strong framework, and complete flexibility for easy viewing and effortless handling. It can accommodate four screens and can be maneuvered using a single hand. Desk mounting options include a grommet mount and a desk clamp. It is secure, saves a lot of space and allows easy access to power cables and ports for troubleshooting. It is a perfect combination of style, sustainability, comfort, performance and productivity. It has no clunky mechanisms and complicated operations. This desktop quadra monitor stand is light in weight and offers long-term durability. It embodies an ultra-sleek design for easy screen sharing and the cable management feature keeps all the cables out of the way in a discreet fashion. The interchangeable mounting alternatives and a sturdy metallic construction make it a wise investment for offices and commercial spaces.

Why Invest In Ergonomically Designed Office Equipment

When any company takes an initiative for the well-being and comfort of the employees, it has a positive impact on the employees. Many research studies have indicated a significant improvement in the job satisfaction and productivity of employees where the employers have demonstrated concern and a proactive approach to employee welfare. It not only improves productivity, but also contributes to the health and well-being of employees who spend a major part of their day at the workplace. The components that come together to form a healthy work space include a fully flexible monitor arm, a CPU support, a height-adjustable workstation and an ergonomically designed chair. Offices that have embraced this concept of ergonomics in their designing have experienced a significant reduction in compensation costs and there is a growing body of evidence to support this fact. Long hours of work that involve sitting in a stagnated position pave the way for several musculoskeletal disorders in the long run.

Complement has comprehensive range of cost-effective, comfortable, elegant, and durable office furniture that eliminates discomfort and offers complete operational efficiency. This desktop quadra monitor stand can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user for complete viewing comfort. It does not exert pressure on the back and does not strain the eyes.

About Complement
Complement is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality and elegant CPU under desk holders, monitor arms, folding table legs, cable trays, and ergonomic office equipment.

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