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Practical and Stylish Chrome Table Legs for High-Tech Offices

Complement Ltd. adds a new product to its catalogue of fully flexible table legs – A sturdy and attractive column leg made in sparkling chrome finish to blend with the formal office decor. It has a trumpet base for increased stability and comfort and comes in different attractive finishes including chrome, silver, and black.


Vejl, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Column leg in chrome: Practical, Stylish, And Strong

Complement Ltd., a leading manufacturer of office furniture, has launched a new line of ergonomic and adaptable table legs for domestic and office use. The entire range is designed to take different loads and can be raised or lowered to suit the varying requirements of commercial spaces. This feature offers a smooth working environment and is perfect for outdoor events like trade fairs, help desks, and office cafeterias. This chrome table leg is one of the best furniture solutions offered by the company in terms of durability and strength. The base of this chrome table leg is available in two different sizes and an optional weight plate which can be used to increase stability.

The entire set-up consists of a leg, a firm base, one top bracket and an optional weight plate. The column leg has a diameter of 102mm and is available in three different heights – 480, 714, and 1100mm for varying requirements. The base is also available in two different diameters. It is easy to move, can be transported anywhere, occupies minimal space, and has an excellent load bearing capacity. Designed for maximum comfort, this new design incredibly blends a professional look with a clean sleek design.

Chrome Table Legs That Combine A Compact Design with Ultimate Comfort For Zero Aches And Pains

Today sturdy, durable, and strong furniture is also designed to look elegant, save more space, and work with minimal human effort. Stylish designs are a necessity in every office and home today. They give an organized feel, can take a huge amount of load and can be stored easily when not in use. The portable design allows for a hassle-free transportation and the metallic frame provides a firm base at all times eliminating the risk of workplace hazards. It is a multi-functional, space saving solution for improved productivity. Complement Ltd. features a wide variety of strong and durable table legs for comfortable working. The entire range of office furniture at complement Ltd. is designed after performing a detailed study of human work patterns and associated musculoskeletal discomfort. Every employee has a different physical structure and hence cannot be expected to work comfortably on a fixed workstation. Ergonomically designed furniture facilitates a free working environment and keeps chronic health problems at bay. Go beyond the typical durable and dependable furniture and create a comfortable working environment with fully functional and stylish Chrome Table Legs from Complement Ltd.

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