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Speedy Search & Registry Publishes Important New Back-End Technology Updates

New improvements will often help best even company's industry-leading response times from before update, Speedy Search reports


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Speedy Search & Registry, Canada's leader in fast, affordable land, vehicle title, and lien searches and more, released important new updates to its powerful back-end technology. Thanks to the new improvements, Speedy Search customers will enjoy even faster response times than before, putting the company further ahead of the pack. With a flawless A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Speedy Search & Registry is the most reliable and capable source of guaranteed-accurate land, vehicle, and corporate research services that are so essential to the smooth functioning of the Canadian economy.

"Even having built up a strong reputation as the top performer in our space," Speedy Search representative Justin Burgess said, "We're never satisfied with the status quo. That drive to continually over-deliver is what has brought us to the top of the title and corporate search industry, and it also produced our important, just-released back-end updates."

Each of the over half-million home sales annually in Canada today depends for the security of the transaction on professional, accurate, exhaustive title search work. In addition, buyers of used vehicles are typically well advised to have the existence of any liens on proposed purchases looked into, because these legal instruments persist through sales. Business-minded Canadians also frequently find it helpful to look into the incorporation records and other details of companies, a process that can be surprisingly difficult to tackle without expert help.

Since the company's founding in 2001, Speedy Search & Registry has become a top source of comprehensive, reliable assistance with these and many related needs. A simple, affordable Land Title Search at SpeedySearch.ca, for example, can cost as little as $25, depending upon the province where the property in question lies. Results are, in many cases, returned in 45 minutes or less when searches are conducted during normal business hours, making Speedy Search the fastest way of all of getting important information about properties and titles.

Those same levels of responsiveness and unbeatable pricing are maintained across all of the company's offerings. That makes it much more affordable and cost-effective for those shopping for used vehicles to better inform themselves about the cars or trucks they consider. It also means that investigating the history and structure of companies incorporated in Canada is now simpler and faster than ever before, giving a powerful new tool to those in the business world.

Thanks to the company's just-published new technological back-end updates, all searches performed through Speedy Search now leverage an even further-heightened level of responsiveness. Whether for a property title search in Ontario or a corporate search in any of the country's provinces, the already industry-leading Speedy Search experience has now become even more impressive.

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