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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- has finally revealed the useful tips for investing in new penny stocks. This task can be quite difficult for people who do not know how to look for factors that affects the price. Before making investments in stock market, it is best advised to do a proper research in order to protect us against losses. This is still relevant however; we can question the reliability of this method. Information on nano stocks or microcap is hard to determine as they can be inaccurate or obsolete. Small companies provide a very little information such that the shares of stock movement become very difficult to authenticate. Due to the insufficiency of information, we may sometimes lose in spite of the research or we can be fortunate to make profit.

The tips at are some great techniques we can use when we are thinking on new penny stocks. However, people need to not that these tips can be very useful but not 100% guaranteed. One should still allow for scope of inaccuracy.

One of the most important tips provided at is to check on the level or volume of transactions especially in the market for new stocks. While it is true that there are several factors that we need to reflect on when trading new penny stocks, the major winners however consistently watches for increasing volume, which is a crucial factor. However the predicament would be how to find the time to sell or buy before the surge in trading. For those investors who purchase or sell after the peak, the inclination is for the price to fall. This can be great for buyers however if stockers intend to sell their new penny shares then they could be selling at the lesser price.

So the question is, are there systems which can detect the time before the peak of the level or volume of trade. Interested stockers who want to know more about this system can visit to know more tips and information in order to make profits. To get more information please go to

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