New Software Lets People Delete Private Data Beyond Recovery

A recently introduced software now lets people delete their private data from their computers and devices beyond recovery.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Due to the increasing privacy concerns, and the usage of the personal data of the people for malicious and suspicious activities by the others, a new software lets people delete their private data from their computers and devices beyond recovery.

With the advancements in technology, people are beginning to complain more and more about their privacy invasion. There have been incidents where people deleted their data (or at least they thought they did), and handed over their hard drives, most of the times, with their entire systems, to someone else. However, with a recently introduced software, these complaints are likely to reduce.

The cause of the problem lies in the misconception by most of the people, and lack of the technical knowledge. Although there have been an increasing trend of using the technical gadgets among the people from all age groups, the knowledge about the technical details about the storage, retrieval and removal of the data still remains very limited. However, with the recent introduction of a new data removal software, things are likely to change.

Most of the people face problem when their expectations don't meet the reality. For instance, a great deal of the people simply delete their data which makes it appear that the data has been sent to the recycle bin. Afterwards, they go to their recycle bins and delete their data from there as well. Once this is done, they believe that the data has been deleted.

This is where things get complicated, because deleting from recycle bin doesn't technically remove the data. To make sure that the data gets deleted beyond recovery, one has to completely replace the existing files from their hard drive. Once this is done, there is no other way to recover the data.

The recently introduced software, however, is making the lives of the people easier, and protecting their privacy. Now the users select from one of the three security levels offered by the software, and then get their data deleted permanently just by the push of a single button.

About Privacy Controls
Privacy controls is a recently introduced software which offers a number of data removal features. It offers three different security levels, which are selected by the users depending upon their requirements. It lets people delete their existing, as well as previously deleted files permanently. It has helped a lot of people achieve a peace of mind by addressing their privacy concerns.

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