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Erotic Filmmaker, Artist and Performer Missy Jubilee Announces Release of "Schtick Films" Her Latest Short Film

Missy Jubilee continues to make “Art not Porn” in a way that's as groundbreaking as it is sensual. Ms Jubilee recently released her latest erotic film “Schtick Films” powered by cut up visuals, poetry, a high energy soundtrack and her body in all its glory. Fans couldn't be happier.


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- What's your schtick? Erotic filmmaker, performer and visionary Missy Jubilee's is quite hard to quickly describe – even when that's the title of her most recently released short erotic film. "Schtick Films" flashes many of the things going through Missy's self-described deviant mind in a way that's part cut up, part mash-up and part music video and all hot hot hot. Erotic films may not usually carry her "Art not Porn" sensibilities, but that's what makes her so loved by the millions of fans who wait for each of her new releases. Missy is doing her own thing and its energy is infectious.

"Is 'Schtick Films' about what a man has to deliver? In a way yes, but it's much more," commented Missy about her latest work. "Somethings are better experienced than explained. My erotic films come from my heart and mind, not the corrupt porn industry's marketing schemes. Come enjoy being a healthy deviant with me."

Missy continues her tradition of not only making the erotic film available on her website, but also offering the infectious soundtrack as a download too. This is sure to cause many to rejoice, since her taste in music is every bit as sharp as her ability as a director and actress.

The "Art not Porn" movement continues to build momentum in all the best ways. Averaging around one film every two weeks, Missy is showing that erotic art film makers can do their own thing, expressing thoughts on real issues, make statements, while still being sexual, sensual and build a fan base that supports their work.

Pop culture beware.

"Schtick Films" and the rest of Missy Jubilee's catalog can be seen at

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'The Future Sex Love Art Projekt' is a hyper-personal journey into the mind, sex, life, history, thinking & perversions of a girl - from the age of 4 to 32

With the film-maker, writer, poet & artist Missy Jubilee as the subject, this is a sex life documented, analysed & reflected on in 250 short films, created over 12 years - using only the naked body, words, music & pop culture vignettes to tell the story

An experimental documentary film project about sexuality, shame, madness, confessions & sexual healing by Missy & Max Jubilee - two people sharing the same mind, making intimate art with a unique ambition, scale, focus, rawness & emotional intensity

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