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The Avanti Company Becomes Sole Provider of New Guardian Endpoint Installation System


Avon Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- The Avanti Company, a leading provider of industry-leading Water Meters and Flow Meter Products, has announced that it is the exclusive provider of the Guardian Endpoint Installation System in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The Guardian is designed specifically to address the challenges faced by AMR and AMI radio endpoints installations.

AMR and AMI systems often operate in difficult conditions that can hinder performance and lead to long-term hardware damage. The Guardian safeguards against these environmental hazards and thus protects a Utility's investment in these advanced metering technologies. Engineered to hold most of the AMR/AMI endpoints currently on the market, the Guardian is a thermoformed tray that encompasses the radio endpoint and fits securely between the meter box and lid.

Aside from protecting the meter box from contaminates such as water and dirt, which often infiltrate from the top, the Guardian can be utilized to attach the radio to the underside of the box, thereby preventing wires from coming up when the box lid is opened. The Guardian enhances the radio propagation of AMR/AMI transmitters by bringing them close to the top of the meter box lid and away from flooded pits.

Thanks to its innovative custom molding process, a radio endpoint protected by the Guardian can be positioned and mounted to provide optimal performance. Moreover, with no drilling or other mounting hardware required, it is simple to install. With its ability to keep transmitters dry, reduce inflow contaminates, cut field maintenance, and increase long-term performance, the Guardian is ideal for any Utility seeking to optimize the performance of its AMR/AMI system.

Utilities interested in the state-of-the-art Guardian Endpoint Installation System are invited to call the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email

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