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New Building and Construction Courses Are Beginning Soon: Get Registered Now

Back to Basics Business Training is offering updated courses in general construction and building as well as classes for specialized trades.


Cardiff, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- Recent studies indicate the population is ever growing, and as the number of people in each town and city increases, the construction needs increase as well. With a larger population, building crews are often working in crowded environments, making it necessary for safety and professionalism to be a priority. For this reason, certification and requirements for licensing have become more stringent and consistently enforced.

At Back to Basics Business Training, they are well aware of the needs of building companies to have the qualified employees they need and to have them as soon as possible. With this in mind, the school is announcing their new session and encouraging those who are considering a career in one of the building or construction trades to register quickly.

"We offer general building and construction training as well as licensing for specific trades. We are very focused on teaching every student the proper methods of their trade, for the safety of the public as well as for themselves." Back to Basics spokesman Craig Edwards explained. "We have designed our programs to make them accessible to more than just young adults, but also for those who are changing their careers after years of being away from school."

Edwards stated that the construction and building industries have been rapidly growing. This growth has encouraged many to look for a new career in these types of work. "We know that these jobs offer a lot in both pride of achievement and financial rewards. A tradesman can find work anywhere in the country, so it is always beneficial to learn these skills. These classes are worth more than to just get a Builders license. The participants also develop valuable skills they can use in their own life and home."

"The call for environmentally sound building practices and efficient housing options is also increasing across the country. Those who are getting their education now are getting in on the ground floor of the green movement." Stated Edwards. "This is definitely an advantage over those who are still working with older ideas, methods and materials."

Edwards urges everyone who wants a fresh start in a new career to contact them as soon as possible. Their students are able to get the education they need as well as the licensing and certification that will enable them to find employment. The school also offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to network, make new contact in the industry they are interested in and learn more about what these work environments are like today.

About Back to Basics Business Training
Back to Basics Business Training began their business consulting in 1985 and has been educating those in the construction trades since becoming nationally accredited in 1997. They are recognized in every state and provide courses for licensure for multiple trades. They continue to work gain recognition as a RTO (Registered Training Organisation). The school also offers training for careers in the health industry.