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Recent Study Proves Social Media Use Can Lead to Relationship Problems Reports

Newly Released Study Explains How Social Media Use Can Cause Relationship Trouble and Ultimately Lead to Divorce


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- A newly released study, conducted by U.K. law firm Slater and Gordon, shows that out of 2,000 married individuals, one in seven would consider a divorce due to how their spouse was behaving on social media, while an additional 17 percent admitted that they quarrelled with their spouse every day about social media activity. Austin divorce lawyer Cristi Trusler confirms that use of social media can increase stress on troubled marriages.

And according to Trusler, for couples whose divorce is already imminent, social media use can often fan the flames to create bigger issues.

"We occasionally see situations where inappropriate or excessive social media use is a root cause of divorce. However, much more frequently we see people that go on to social media sites like Facebook to vent their frustrations about their spouse's behavior or about the situation they find themselves in. This is never a good idea. It ends up making both individuals look bad," said Trusler.

The study also shows that 58 percent of respondents admitted to knowing their spouses passwords to various social media sites, even if their spouse had no idea about it. Trusler says, "Unless your spouse has specifically given you his or her password and permission, accessing their social media account is a crime."

As an experienced Austin divorce attorney with Trusler Legal PLLC, Cristi Trusler has seen social media become a bigger factor in many divorces cases. In most instances when it comes to an issue, the individual sharing on social media didn't think about how their actions would affect the outcome of their case.

"When it comes to divorces cases and social media, the bottom line is that individuals should think before they post," said Trusler. "They should not assume that what they write or share will be private. I tell my clients that when you're posting something on a social network, you need to assume that your spouse's lawyer and the Judge might see all of it."

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