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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- There are unofficial internet news that Apple is poaching around several big motor corporations, which indicates that it's preparing to enter the electric automobile market. Apple's action declares that the clear energy is the future of city transport. Airwheel has exploited the low-carbon transport with its products which are considered to be the future of short distance travels.

Recently, there are unofficial internet news reporting that Apple is poaching from GM and Ford, which indicates that Apple is preparing to enter the electric automobile market and compete with Tesla. The news said that Apple plans to form a team and launches his own brand of electric automobile. It seems that revolution will take place in another market.

Though the news also said that Apple would introduce its own brand of electric automobile in 2020, people still believe Apple's action declares that the clean energy is the future of city transport. Nowadays, people are paying more attention to the environmental problems. To solve these problems, low-carbon and high-tech products will be the best solution and the future trend. Airwheel electric unicycles, powered by electricity, are designed to be eco-friendly and convenient transport means, and they have now been popular among city residents.

Apple's investment shows its ambitions in the potential long-distance travel market. On the other side, Airwheel has exploited a large market of the short-distance travel. Airwheel holds the enterprise philosophy that keeps itself serving both the public and the society. In its products, Airwheel always pursues the perfection of every detail for producing the safest and eco-friendly products.

Airwheel chooses the best vehicle units to maintain the top quality of its products. So it chooses Sony or Panasonic lithium battery core as the power bank, Cheng Shin as the tire provider, hi-tech Nano material forming the resin shell of the body, noise-free maglev motor, and the most advanced intelligent CPU for its products. The intelligent CPU powers the inside operating system packaging aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain vehicles' balance. Users can control the intelligent self-balancing scooters by tilting its body in different directions. The control skills are user friendly and easy to learn.

With further developments of technologies, more and more completely eco-friendly transport vehicles will emerge. If Apple enters the electric automobile market, the market will be enlarged and people may be easier to accept electric vehicles as the substitute of traditional transport means, which in turn helps to introduce electric self-balancing scooters to the public. Airwheel, with its ideas of sustainable development, will never stop perfecting its products. Airwheel will lead the self-balancing scooter market to provide top quality products to consumers. With an Airwheel, experience the future transport!

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