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Smart SEO Hosting Announces Immediate Access to 50+ Different a Class IP Ranges

After their largest expansion in 2 years and signing new access contract to 30+ new datacenters, Smart SEO Hosting clients can now order IPs from 58 different A class IPs in 120+ different datacenters and from all around the world.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- After signing up new contracts with 30+ new datacenters, Smart SEO Hosting celebrating its largest expansion in 2 years. As a result of this expansion the company's clients can now instantly upgrade their accounts and diversity their network to an unprecedented level of 50+ A class IPs.

A spokesperson for the company described the reaction by the existing clients positive and added "Last time we had a major upgrade like this we ran out of all the new IPs in matter of days. We have learned from previous experiences and prepared more IPs this time but considering we are now offering 58 A classes and comparing to the average of 3-4 A class of other SEO hosting providers, we expect a similar if not more exciting reaction by the market this time around too."

Providing a true zero footprint SEO Hosting has always been the major goal of the offerings by this award winning brand and access to more than 120 datacenters, alongside the exclusive offering of "Extreme SEO Hosting Panel" should facilitate that goal.

George Smith, a senior design engineer for the company, summarizes the new developments as: "We are proud to provide a service that is being used by some of the biggest names in SEO and we want to always remain their number one hosting provider. We have always listened to their valuable feedbacks and designed and expanded our networks following their needs and recommendations and this time is no different"

The new IPs are now accessible to public and can be setup automatically and in less than 5 seconds for each new order by visiting Smart SEO Hosting website.

About Smart SEO Hosting is an award winning and professional SEO hosting company that provides cloud based web hosting services to some of the best known SEO agencies in USA, Europe and Australia. The company is the only company that offers variety of hosting plans from as many as 120 data centers including Google's owned and operated datacenters. Smart SEO Hosting's client can manage all their domains from a single control panel and have their data replicated to the datacenter of their choice.

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