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ECODE to Demonstrate SDN Orchestration with Pica8 at Open Networking Summit


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- ECODE Networks ( , a leading provider of intelligent management and orchestration solutions for Software Defined Networks (SDN), today announced that it will be showcasing a live deployment of an evolve orchestration at the SDN Solutions Showcase at Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2015. The evolve orchestration engine is a suite of tools that leverages the power of SDN by allowing service providers and IT departments to manage logically disparate network elements as a single virtual environment. Evolve is one of the first products to be featured in HP's SDN App Store which was formally launched during Interop 2014.

The solution will showcase how SDN orchestration facilitates a Network Operator with a simple, cost effective and easy to manage service model.

Teneno, a UK-based Service Provider, is one of the first companies to have benefitted from using SDN orchestration as a means of simplifying network provisioning and operations. "We deliver simple, secure and flexible solutions that enable SMBs to take control of their network infrastructure – and ECODE's evolve orchestration engine is at the heart of everything we do," said Jean Salha, CEO and co-founder of Teneno. "We have created a subscription-based service model around a set of simple-to-use apps that leverages ECODE's core network sophistication to deliver on the promise of networking as a service."

The architecture is comprised of a data plane with Pica OS preloaded switches, connected in a linear topology, representing a data centre environment, HP VAN controllerand an orchestration layer interfacing to the network admin. A user request or intent gets translated by the orchestrator, complied and provisioned on the data plane using SDN controller. To enable network services, the orchestrator capitalises the functional abstraction as provided by the OpenFlow™ protocol.

"Today, different SDN stories coming from vendors have created confusion among users. We believe in the native SDN approach, which was seeded in Stanford and driven by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Our goal is to solve the problems of traditional networking by the means of SDN, fostering the native open SDN adaption," said Nimit Shishodia, founder and CEO of ECODE Networks. "Compatible with open-source and commercial controllers, our solution leads this market right now, bringing the enterprise-ready power of SDN to market today – not tomorrow." The NaaS model follows the set top box analogy, where a user can be installed with a virtual or physical endpoint and only pays for subscribed channels to VPN as a Service, Storage as a Service, and Firewall as a Service, etc. Upon payment, the requested network service gets dynamically activated on the endpoint, by the means of orchestration. The orchestrator also control security, manages tenancy and provision quality of service in the core environment. The solution enables the end user to afford an enterprise class networking service, without paying much for CapEx and OpEx.

Along with another ONF member company, Pica8 , ECODE Networks will also showcase the ease of network provisioning, change management and automation at the SDN Solutions Showcase. With the orchestrator acting as a gateway between the physical and virtual worlds, it will demonstrate the creation and modification of virtual network services overlay on Pica8 pre-loaded white box switches.

"Organizations evaluating SDN need to see real-world use cases illustrating the business problems solved along with the operational issues addressed, including management, provisioning, and orchestration," said Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation. "ONF created the SDN Solutions Showcase to demonstrate to network operators the reality of SDN and OpenFlow solutions available today."

A total of 18 companies, industry organizations, and educational institutions, including 11 ONF member companies, are currently confirmed to participate in 21 demonstrations during the SDN Solutions Showcase. Participants will demonstrate SDN technologies, products, and applications in real-world use cases.

"The showcase will include vendors along with their actual customers exhibiting real SDN applications in use today," said Guru Parulkar, chair of the Open Networking Summit. "This year's SDN Solutions Showcase has a diverse group of participants, from vendors to network providers, further demonstrating the strides that SDN is making toward mainstream adoption."

ECODE Networks, provider of SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration solutions and also an ONF member. Backed with a proven track record of Network Consulting, Ecode was seeded to foster network innovation by disruption by the means of Network Orchestration by abstraction. Although, Enterprises and Data Centres are prime area of the focus, but our orchestration techniques are also applied to the Cloud industry. Our core philosophy lies in stepping in the customer shoes and hunting their pain points, maximizing productivity and profitability by delivering innovative products and solutions.

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