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Airwheel Technology Self-Balancing Scooters Builds a Cooperative Bridge in High-Tech Area Between China and Europe


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- On June 5 Research and Innovation Tour started. Airwheel intelligent scooter which relies on its technology, cool look, low-carbon and eco-friendly design sold well at home and over the world. It helps to build a cooperative bridge in high-tech area between China and Europe.

On May 18th, 2015 Research and Innovation Tour started. This activity is jointly organized by the Delegation of the European Union to China, member states of the European Union, embassies and consulates of the related nations in China and China Science and Technology Exchange Center. We will go over 16 cities in China in order to strengthen the cooperative partnership with Europe in China's technology and innovation fields.

In the aspect of Sino-Europe cooperation of technology and innovation, Airwheel intelligent scooter is a famous example. Airwheel intelligent scooter is from Europe and America, then produced in China, and finally sold back to Europe and America. It plays the role of a cooperative bridge between China and Europe.

Airwheel intelligent scooter a new high-tech transport, featured by environmental protection, portability and safety, following the latest fashion. Nowadays, the environment has been worsely contaminated and smog brings trouble to people's lives. Airwheel, faster than bicycle and consuming less than electric motorcar, is a new generation of environmentally-friendly transport.

Airwheel intelligent scooter is the leading company in this area. We have a number of versions, so it is important to choose one which suits yourself. Airwheel's different self-balancing scooters have different functions. Classic one-wheeled X series is suitable for people who like adventure and have courage. Two-wheeled Q series is compact and easy to learn, so it fits the need of women. Airwheel S series is high-end, compared to the two above. It follows the design style of Lamborghini, without any limits. It is truly an elegant and luxury transport.

Every Airwheel intelligent scooter installs a special built-in Airwheel intelligent chip which adopts the most advanced intelligent system, using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balance. It not only assures that our intelligent scooters are easy to learn and operate, but also protects single-wheeled electric scooter well and improves users' safety. Only high-quality produces can sell well both at home and abroad. Airwheel depends on its quality and low price to expand the market and build a cooperative bridge in high-tech area between China and Europe.

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