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Airwheel Electric Unicycle: Let's Travel in a Low-Carbon Way


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- Airwheel electric unicycle adopts the idea of combining environmental protection and good quality together. It tried its best to provide the best product for consumers. It solves the problem of transport and at the same time proposes a green life style to coexist with nature peacefully. Let's travel in a low-carbon way!

Throughout the ages, how many kinds of alternative transports have appeared in people's life? In the early age of human civilization, the transports were very backward. The main transports were animal-driven like carriage and ox cart. Although these transports were inefficient, they still made a tremendous advance. From then on, walking was no longer the only way for people to transport. Later in industrial age, a grand invention-steam engine appeared. Steam train and steamship appeared one by one. When it comes to the internal combustion engine stage, more and more transports showed up. Now, there are several kinds of transports like bicycle, electromobile, car, bus, subway, train, ship, plane and so on. People's life gets more and more convenient.

It cannot be denied that different kinds of transports stimulate the development of science, politics, economy as well as the exchange and blend of cultures. However, with the development of society, the requirements of people to transports change continually. In the past few decades, people have paid more attention to speed. As life is limited, people want to reach their destination as soon as possible to save time. But petrol-fuelled transports cars have destroyed the environment seriously. People begin to reconsider the importance of environmental protection. Airwheel self-balancing scooter came into being in response to this idea.

Airwheel electric unicycle is an environmentally-friendly transport. It is powered by SONY lithium battery core. Without discharging any exhaust gas, it is environmentally-friendly, low-carbon and energy-efficient. The battery that Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter can be charged 1,800 times. The battery life is 3.8 times as long as common lithium battery and the service time is 1.9 times longer than common lithium battery. It is both convenient and powerful.

About Airwheel
As a famous brand, Airwheel always attaches importance to environmental protection and good quality. It does its best to provide the best product to consumers. It brings out a green life style and strives to coexist with the nature peacefully. Airwheel electric unicycle is the ace of environmental protection transport.

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