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Raven Firm, LC Featured Lawyer Paul Maxon Wins Colorado Supreme Court Case


Wheat Ridge, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Paul Maxon , Featured Lawyer for the website on June 1st, 2015 won a verdict for his clients Patrick Singson and Chris Boyer in a case argued before the Colorado Supreme Court on January 2015 (

Back in 2010, Health Grades filed suit against former employees Chris Boyer and Patrick Singson, asserting five claims for relief: breach of duty of loyalty, misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with prospective business advantage, conversion, and breach of contract. In the same lawsuit, defendants asserted a counterclaim for abuse of process based on the theory that Health Grades' claims against them amounted to "sham litigation." The defendents at the time were represented by Paul Maxon of Maxon Law, and Whitney Traylor from the Traylor Law Group.

The jury returned verdicts in defendants' favor on all four of Health Grades' claims and on defendants' counterclaim for abuse of process, awarding each defendant $200,000.

HealthGrades appealed the unanimous verdict and won the appeal, after which defendents Chris Boyer and Patrick Singson appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court, to review the case.

On June, 2015, after 5 years in the courts, Paul Maxon, representing the interests of Patrick Singson and Chris Boyer, prevailed in front of the Colorado Supreme Court with a final "…the judgment of the court of appeals is reversed, and the matter is remanded with directions to affirm the jury's verdict."

Employment Lawyer Paul Maxon won a nearly half-a-million judgement in favor of his clients in a precedent setting case.

"I can't thank Paul enough, for the years of legal counsel, and finally for his masterful argument in front of the highest court in Colorado," said Patrick Singson, in regards to winning the Colorado Supreme Court case.

Most recently, Paul Maxon is representing a Colorado teacher who claims that officials at Florence High School are using their facility to promote evangelical Christianity in violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (

"The administration is essentially running a public school as a Christian school," Maxon explained. "On a single day last year, there were no fewer than five Evangelical activities sponsored by the school." The case is still in process.

The Raven Firm, LC is proud to have Paul Maxon as the Featured Lawyer of its website (

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