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Yellow Beaks Launches a New Product on Amazon

This new bird feeder's unique shape prevents the bird seed from getting wet, reports


Elmhurst, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Yellow Beaks announces the launch of a new bird feeder on Amazon. The unique shape of this bird feeder prevents the seed from getting wet, and Yellow Beaks ( is offering this product at an introductory price. Consumers should be sure to check the bird feeder out, as the feathered friends are in abundance now and humans need to ensure they have the food they need at all times. Individuals who purchase the feeder also receive a free copy of "The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Backyard Bird Watching".

"The lightweight bird feeder features crystal clear acrylic, and this allows owners to easily see what the birds are doing. Many people worry the acrylic will yellow over time, but this isn't the case with this particular feeder and it is incredibly easy to clean. View the feeder here at," Tony Evans, spokesperson for Yellow Beaks, explains.

Watching birds is an education in and of itself. Individuals learn about various species of birds, their unique behaviors, personalities and more. In addition, one watches the bird species change by season. As the birds come to dine at the feeder, they also help to control insects in the yard, such as spiders, snails and worms. The landscape and earth benefit thanks to this non-toxic method of insect control.

Birds help in the flower pollination process, leading to flower beds that are more luxurious with less effort on the owner's part. Many birds, including finches and sparrows, eat weeds that contain seeds along with seed bearing flowers. When combined with the Yellow Beaks bird feeder, individuals can attract a wider range of bird species to the yard for more enjoyment, Evans continues.

Urban development has taken the homes of many birds along with their nesting spots and food sources. When humans plant bird-friendly landscapes and provide food for their feathered friends, they encourage the animals to return again and again. Birds and humans can live in harmony, and a bird feeder goes a long way in achieving this goal.

"Check out the new bird feeder offered by Yellow Beaks. Individuals who do so find this feeder offers a number of advantages over products currently available, one of which is the unique shape. The all weather suction cups ensure the feeder withstands extreme weather and it is designed to be squirrel proof, a feature bird watchers appreciate. Birds need love and attention just as any living creature does, and the bird feeder provides a way for humans to show they care," Evans declares.

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A manufacturer of birding products and accessories, Yellow Beaks provides unique bird feeders for individuals who love to watch their feathered friends enjoy a meal. More than 53 million individuals enjoy watching birds and the products offered through the company provide an easy way to do so.The company remains committed to providing high quality products along with top-notch customer service to ensure clients are satisfied with every transaction.